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Join the Alternate Waking States Investigation Matrix ~ AWSIM!

What is AWSIM?
A simple, mechanistic technique to induce and sustain lucid states of consciousness with a regularity so those states can be examined, (mostly) from “the inside” to enhance understanding of the human mind and to utilize those states as vehicles to explore and apply the mind’s potentials

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What are Alternate Waking States? (AWSs)

• differentiate from “altered” states
• “other” lucid states of consciousness that occur outside of our regular waking day
• lucid dreams
• out of body experiences (OBEs)
• states of absorption
• states of expansion
• other meditative states

AWSIM: the Induction Method

• assure for a normal night’s sleep
• gently awaken in last third of sleep cycle
• spend a few minutes in”normal” waking state; ensure balanced mind state: calm yet alert (a warm shower usually works)
• enter tank and “let go” into sleep
• if you re-enter the sleep cycle you have approximately 80% chance of “waking up” in an AWS

Helpful tips

• cultivate a state of “calm mental resolve” – this will help if fear arises & when distractions occur
• can begin by establishing an intention
• BUT, best not to have an agenda
• try not to hang on to experience or categorize
• getting too excited will abort the experience
• if gentle focus is lost, awareness will fade into unconsciousness / “regular” sleep

The Alternate Waking State Investigation Matrix

• What: a transdisciplinary committee of the US Floatation Tank Association (FTA) to investigate, apply findings and share information about AWSs
• Why: to explore and apply AWSs & its potentials
• Who: committed floaters willing to dedicate time to their individual explorations and to share in the group matrix
• Where: anywhere there is access to float tanks and/or supportive technologies; we can communicate using current media and meet in person
• When: we can begin to organize now and have regular conference calls and/or online meetings
• How: email Richard Bonk: <ahref=””>

AWSIM group details

• being a committee of FTA allows for possible grant funding
• having a group of explorers may assist in expanding and refining the process
• having a group of explorers may assist in identifying and describing common phenomena
• the group could develop a common “language of AWSs”
• a group could encourage and recognize valid insights and prevent individuals from generating problematic conceptual systems
• group members can utilize individual skills to assume committee roles and address organizational needs
• potentials for mentoring, partnering and community
• potentials for research studies and publications
• potentials for partnering with complimentary organizations


To be an AWSIMnaut?

• committed to exploring consciousness
• open minded (curious)
• yet skeptical (discriminating)
• cultivate objective observer & data collector
• defer to scientific method
• open to meditative / contemplative process
• willing to work with peer group
• willing to educate public
• willing to support process with skills & resources
• courage

Interested in using the tank to explore states of consciousness?

A floatation tank association committee is looking for individuals committed to
the exploring states of consciousness to participate in a collaborative project. For more information email

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