Richard Bonk


bonkpic09Richard Bonk
Phone: 612-727-3562

Besides his work as an artist, Richard Bonk has a Masters of Education degree in Counseling and has worked in health care, counseling, human services, research and education for over 25 years. He currently works as a health educator and wellness coach and also teaches yoga and meditation. He has worked as a design associate in helping to launch Yoga International magazine and as an exhibit designer and fabricator for the Toledo (OH) Zoo – which included the design and creation of the award winning Diversity of Life and the Young Children’s Room.

Current founding member of the Upper Midwest Arts and Healing Network

Past planning committee for the Society for Arts in Healthcare 2010 conference

Past President and founding member of the Twin Cities Artist’s Forum

Project Art for Nature (PAN) current member

Workshops and Lectures (partial list)

• International REST Investigator’s Society Conference, 1998

• Normandale Community College, winter 2000

• Gustavus Aldolphus College, winter 2000 and 2001

•  University of Minnesota, Boynton Health Services holistic health seminar, 10/01

• The Role of Imagination in Healing, U of WI Medical School, 9/03

• The Midwest Labyrinth Festival, U of St. Catherine, 10/03

• The National Council for Geocosmic Research, 11/03

• The Gathering of Artists and Illustrators of Nature, 2/05

• Emerging Digerati, U of MN, Institute for New Media Studies, 3/04

• The Institute for Health and Healing at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, 10/05

• The Mayo Clinic Cancer Education Center, 2/06

• The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Buddha’s Birthday, 4/06

• The Society for Arts in Healthcare International Symposium, 4/06

• Regions Hospital, Health Resources Center, 4/07

• Ways of Knowing, University of MN and Life Sciences Foundation, 5/09

Exhibitions (partial list)

• Minnesota State Fair, 1998, 2001

• Minnesota Artist Organization’s 5 minutes of Fame web cast, 10/2002

• Rolling Plains Art Gallery, administered by Plains Art Museum, Fargo ND, 02-03

• Solo show as part of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality

   & Healing’s Otto Schmitt Symposium on Consciousness Research, 2/2003

• 5th International Exhibit of Digital Art, Havana, Cuba

• Gathering of Artists and Illustrators of Nature (GAIN), MN Wildlife Refuge, 01/04

• A Leap of Faith, Sue Hensel Gallery, 11/04

• Who Do You Think You Are?,The Digital Self Portrait, Post Picasso on-line, 11/04

• North East Minneapolis Artist’s Association Fall Fine Art Show, 04, 07, 08

• Southshore Annual Digital Show, Cohasset, MA, Spring 05

• Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, LA, CA, Fall 05

• Institute if Health and Healing, Abbott Northwest Hospital, Mpls, MN, 10/05

• Gathering of Artists and Illustrators of Nature (GAIN), Bell Museum, U of MN, 06

• Hudson Hospital Healing Arts Exhibit, fall 06

• Gallery 469, Northrup King Building, NE Mpls, shared studio space, 08

• Art-A-Whirl, NE Mpls, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10. 11, 12

• Gallery 360, Mpls, ongoing

• ZRS Fossils, ongoing

• The Wellness Center, Mpls, ongoing

• Powderhorn Art Fair, Mpls, 05, 06, 07, 09, 10. 11

• Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson WI,winter/spring 07

• Medtronic International Center, MN, spring-summer 07

• Hennepin County Medical Center, Mpls, MN, summer 07

• Northland Bioneers Conference Nov, 07

• Boynton Health Services, U of MN, spring 08

• Abbott Northwestern Institute for Health and Healing, Dec 08 – Jan 09

• Vine Arts Center, ongoing as part as artists’ cooperative

• Hennepin County Government Center, Jan 09

• Bethesda Hospital, Apr – May 09

• Mandala Meander, various sites as part of the Midwest Arts in Healthcare Community

  Celebration, Apr – May 10

• Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson WI, with Project Art for Nature, summer, 11

• Open Editions Prints, MCAD, Mpls, MN winter 2013

Artist Residencies

• Upsala, MN, K-12 school, 11/02,

• Stonebridge Elementary at Stillwater MN, 4/03

• Langdon, ND, K-12 school, 10/03

Commissions and Other Venues:

• Life Sciences Foundation, Summer 05

• Institute if Health and Healing, Abbott Northwest Hospital, Mpls, MN, Fall 05

• Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Secret Gardens & Art to AMaze, summer, 06, 07, 2009 – collaboration with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater

• Forecast for Public Art Work, Spontaneous Storefronts, Mpls, winter/spring 07

• Otto Schmitt Lecture Series, Center for Spirituality & Healing, U of MN, 07

• Hennepin County Medical Center, Mpls, MN, summer 07

• The Wellness Center, Mpls, 08

• Prism Research, St. Paul, MN, 08

• Boynton Health Services, U of MN, spring 08

• Minnesota Healing Touch, spring 09

• Human Energy Matters, Jan 10

• the Society for Arts in Healthcare art for fundraiser, winter/spring 2010

• Hudson Hospital, Hudson WI, winter, 2011

• Virginia Piper Cancer Center. Fridley, MN winter 2011

• Women’s Health Center. Mpls, MN winter 2011

• Regions Hospital Mental Health Facilities. St Paul, MN fall 2012

• University of Minnesota Clinics, MN fall 2012

• greeting cards and calendars in various gift shops locally and nationally