Richard Bonk

Floatation Tank

ZeroGWhat is a Floatation tank?
Basically a large container filled with 10” of water and 800 lbs of dissolved Epsom salt – which allows the body to float effortlessly, virtually gravity free. The water is heated to skin temperature, so one loses the distinction between air and water, and with no sight and reduced sound it encourages a sensory reduced state where one can experience a deep state of physical and mental relaxation, and explore “inner space.”
Richard is one of the world’s float tank “elders,” with over 30 years experience, and is partnering with Awaken for Wellness owners Chris Richmond and Jesse Steinmaus to launch a cutting edge “Inner Space Station” in St, Paul, MN.
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The premiere Upper Midwest floatation and meditation research center opening soon: Inner Space Floatation!

Richard Bonk featured in Float Nation documentary: