Richard Bonk


COMING SOON! A separate website for MandalArt (here) and a new one specific to floating and consciousness exploration, including updates on a developing float explorers' community, float research and a book in progress: Floating to Enlightenment. Check back on this website and on Facebook.

Richard Bonk is featured in the documentary Float Nation! Float Media

MandalArt custom commissions: $60/hr or by project (typical $250-$300); rates negotiable Add link to services menu

Insight Coaching: using mindfulness, archetypes for insight into life purpose, mental, emotional and physical behavior change
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Giclee prints, posters and greeting cards available. Images also available for various creative projects including websites, advertising, logo, fabric and clothing.
Float Tank / AWSIM
What is a Floatation tank?
Basically a large container filled with 10” of water and 800 lbs of dissolved Epsom salt – which allows the body to float effortlessly, virtually gravity free. The water is heated to skin temperature, so one loses the distinction between air and water, and with no sight and reduced sound it encourages a sensory reduced state where one can experience a deep state of physical and mental relaxation, and explore “inner space.”
Richard is one of the world’s float tank “elders,” with over 30 years experience, and co-owner of the Float Room at Awaken for Wellness, St Paul, MN.
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New FLOAT ROOM at Awaken for Wellness! Pre-opening and founding member opportunities!

What is AWSIM?
AWSIM is an acronym for Altenate Waking States Induction Method, a simple, mechanistic technique utilizing the tank and sleep cycles to induce and sustain lucid states of consciousness with a regularity so those states can be examined, (mostly) from “the inside” to enhance understanding of the human mind and to utilize those states as vehicles to explore and apply the mind’s potentials.
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    From ancient through contemporary cultural, spiritual and secular traditions mandalas, or circular art forms incorporating geometric patterns, cultural and deity representations, and other energetic imagery, have been used for aesthetic, decorative and instructional purposes. Beyond the more mundane functions, mandalas also serve more esoteric purposes, being visual depictions, or maps of inner realms. Often these mandalas are used as a meditative preparation or focus with the intent of invoking a specific state of consciousness and/or insight. As a consciousness explorer, meditator and artist, these images have held a special interest for me. In my art making process, I seek to create images that document and stimulate specific states of consciousness.